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Filthy Fit

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Filthy Fit is a health conscious brand that expresses our passion, happy eating and living.

My husband and I always dreamed about having our own business one day. At the end of 2020 we finally had an idea that really made us excited and we started experimenting almost immediately. We gathered our skills together and created some pretty unusual, but delicate nut and seed butters.

We have a wide range of sweet and savoury selection that are mostly vegan friendly. Our assortment is refined sugar free, palm oil free, preservative free and we only use natural ingredients in our products.
Our uniqueness are especially the savoury flavours that can be used in cooking - just imagine stuffed mushrooms with a garlic and cayenne spiced almond butter, a ravioli with Italian herb flavoured peanut butter, or a juicy burger with curry spiced peanut butter.
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