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  • Since 2020
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For almost a century now, our family has been producing exceptional wines in the heart of southern Italy, more precisely in Calabria, the tip of the Italian boot opposite charming Sicily.

At LUCANGELI, we have decided to perpetuate our ancestral knowledge and make you discover a unique terroir through our superior category olive oil. Our cuvée is in limited production each year. Several starred Italian and French chefs including Philippe Bélissent recommend the quality of our green gold.

Our oils are certified Organic, DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta). With careful packaging and unfiltered to fully express their character. We currently have two olive varieties: Geracese and Carolea, both exceptional and complementary in terms of flavors:
- The Geracese is characterized by fruity and herbaceous aromas. At first glance, it is quite smooth, then we witness a slightly fiery return with a real length in the mouth that persists for several minutes after tasting. A real trip to Calabrian lands.
- The Carolea, for its part, is very fruity and brings back notes of forest fruits. The perceived flavor is delicate and harmonious. A disconcerting subtlety.

Our previous harvest was a great success and allowed the development of New products for the 2021 vintage. The latter is currently in production and will be available from November 20.

A presto Raggazzi.
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