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McHenry Distillery Tasmania

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  • Since 2015
The Mc Henry family produces one of the best gins in Australia in the traditional way. The attention to detail and the very high quality of the product make it a UNIQUE GIN.
The use of native botanicals, which cannot be found in other countries in the world, makes it a special product. The pure water of the spring contributes significantly to its exceptional quality.
William Mc Henry made distillation a lifestyle. Gaelic Celtic traditions, contact and respect for nature first of all.
The William McHenry Distillery sits on one side of Mount Arthur and is located on the Tasman Peninsula.
Mount Arthur stands sentinel over a large port landing, with its deep-water harbor, opening southward into the Great Southern Ocean.
The purest air is found in this part of the world.
Leaving South America, the cold air that envelops the globe at the latitude of 43 °, without finding another land mass in front of it, finds at the end of its road, the southern tip of Tasmania. Around 5pm.000 km ahead.
At that point, the cold air and the ocean lashed by the waves erased everything, leaving only a distant memory of man's influence.
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