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Murre Gin

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  • Location Sankt Augustin, Germany
  • Since 2018
Instagram murregin
We are at home in Hangelar, a district of Sankt Augustin. Located in the immediate vicinity of Cologne and Bonn in the Rhineland, carrots, which are called Murre in the Rhineland, used to be grown here. We want to manufacture a product with local flavor, one that has a good portion of home in it, we are proud Rhinelander. We rely on regionality as much as possible. Our small editions have been handcrafted since summer 2018, each bottle goes through our hands - usually several times. Seven ingredients ensure a sweet, fresh aroma. Our products have received several awards, for example the Fünnefunfuffzich “Best German Classic 2020” and the Wingrut “Best German Matured 2021”.
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