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Puglia Cosmesi

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  • Since 2018
Puglia Cosmetics is a company active in the organic cosmetics sector. Our goal is to enhance the raw materials of our land, combining them with each other to create cosmetics of the highest quality. Our products are made following and respecting the rules of nature and always respecting the ecosystem. For this reason our lines are free of parabens, petrolatum, silicones, nickel free and are not tested on animals. Ours is a story that starts from the past, in a time when man recognized and respected nature in all its essence.
Our philosophy starts from this fundamental concept, that is, we are not the masters of this planet, but of the guests.
The Puglia Cosmesi brand is born from an olive grove cultivated and worked using modern methods, but based on the principles of the past, passing through a laboratory that makes constant research and study its pillars.
Our task is to carry out a more sustainable way of working, which is why Puglia Cosmetics products are made with love, respecting nature, using natural ingredients of our land, starting from the olive oil of our olive grove and passing through collaborations with other companies in our area, which share our principles and our philosophy, the Aristea, Helix and Zia Maria lines are born.
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