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  • Since 2018
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Sapone & Sens is the story of two people with a common passion…. That of perfume.

It all started when Sapone, a soap factory enthusiast, met Sens, a lover of scented candles.
This meeting took place at a Provençal fair where the two were selling their handicrafts.
Each interested in what the other is doing, they chatted about their creations and values for hours.
At the end of this show they decided to stay in touch to find out more about their passion.

One famous day, Sapone decided to invite Sens to visit his artisanal workshop.
She showed him her cold saponification techniques and multiple scents in which he was interested and found that his meticulous work could only be the result of sumptuous creations.
Sens, having appreciated this visit, decided to also suggest to Sapone to follow her in his workshop of manufacture of scented candles and massage. The latter accepted and went to discover a world related to hers.
Upon arrival, she was immediately delighted by the smell emanating from the workshop ...
A smell that made him travel for a short time.
She then asked Sens to demonstrate their products, which he did.
Sapone found them fantastic, and absolutely wanted to learn how to make them.

The two characters who fell in love with the other's activity then decided to share their know-how with one thing in common: their love of perfume.
For a while, each teaches the other how to make their products and then they create "SAPONE & SENS", the alliance of a passionate soap maker and master wax master.
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