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  • Since 2017
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buononaturale was born along the Southern Italian Apennines, on the fertile soil of Irpinia overlooking the two seas, as an incubator of excellence in the Italian food sector, with each production site located in its place of origin — or in the areas of rural Italy where that specific food culture is typical — and distributed to the world under the buononaturale brand. The mission is to fulfil the growing demand for natural food in the name of a diet that preserve, or even favor, different types of equilibria: sensorial, bodily, environmental.

The buononaturale products aim to promote sustainable eating styles that satisfy our constant need for energy to navigate a stressful daily life, but also respect and support the surrounding environment and local communities, by offering a combination of goodness, ease of preparation, authenticity, and sustainability. All this is possible when reinterpreting typical dishes of Italian cuisine. The buononaturale focus can therefore be summed up as wellbeing achieved by eating well, with #eatwellwithbuononaturale as the brand’s distinctive hashtag on social networks.

With every bite, the buononaturale products will take consumers on a journey through the Italian peninsula, from the foothills of the mighty Mount Etna through the scenic countryside along the Apennines to the rice fields of the Po valley, of which they encapsulate all the rich smells and flavors.In fact, our premium Italian food products are semi-artisanally prepared based on recipes designed by our team of world-renowned chefs such as Vincenzo Squarciafico, and are meant to take consumers on a journey through each region, and small village, of Italy where each food is typical. Indeed, our production is dislocated across the peninsula, in the areas where that specific food is typical in order to source ingredients and know-how locally. On our YouTube channel you can view our in-house team of chefs reinventing traditional Italian recipes using only buononaturale products.
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