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L'Arrangé Français

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  • Since 2018

L’Arrangé Français offers a range of gourmet arranged rums made up of exceptional products, arrangements light in sugar and fruity retaining all the flavors of the rum.
A powerful and tasty taste proposition. A family and artisanal production with fruit cutting and bottling by hand.


The story of L'Arrangé Français is that of two brothers, Geoffrey and Quentin, who wish to share with you their passion for arrangements.
In our workshop based in Ile-de-France, we develop all our rum recipes in the purest artisanal tradition. In our family business, everything is produced manually with the greatest care, from cutting the fruit to bottling.

Our recipes combine the tradition of arrangements from the French overseas islands with our creativity and know-how. Our inspiration also comes from our knowledge of fruits selected with the greatest care and our taste for blends. We offer you creative arrangements with subtle and fruity tastes through the balanced combination of rum and fruit, recipes without artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives.

We also want to respond to the trend of less sugary consumption. This is why our arrangements contain little sugar and thus reveal the premium quality of our rums and the natural aromatic power of the fruits. The recipes are designed to take your senses on a journey and surprise you by deliciously mixing ripe fruits, spices and aromatics.

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Quentin and Geoffrey
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