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  • Since 2015
Rocked from a very young age between the islands of Oléron, Ré and Aix, I was quickly won over by the love of the sea, cognac and rum. Going in search of new flavors in multiple countries and especially our Caribbean pearls, I discovered the arranged ones there: from this love at first sight was born a real Alchemy…

La Rochelle epicenter of this coast and having been one of the most important ports in the ancient trade with the West Indies seemed to me to indicate everything to embark on this quest for the perfect arrangement.

Here, there is no machine, no delegation for the preparation of your arrangements, and no semi-industrial production of unlimited quantities of bottles.

100% of the bottles are made by your alchemist himself who controls the quality of the fruit and the proper respect of his recipes. From the making of the syrup to the manual labeling of the bottles, the hand of your alchemist is the cornerstone of your arrangements.

Alchimie will never offer more than 10,000 bottles per year to guarantee you real high quality artisanal products made with passion!

Finally, ecology, through organic farming, recycling and partnerships with local producers is fundamental for me.
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