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Poivre Timut Bio (Baie de Timur) - Népal

Poivre Timut Bio (Baie de Timur) - Népal

Timut Pepper, also called Timur Bay, originates from Nepal. His name is misleading! It is actually a false pepper, which belongs to the citrus family! This explains its strong grapefruit taste, its fresh and tangy notes, and its unique smell! It is also the cousin of Sichuan pepper from China, and Sansho pepper from Japan, all three being small Asian citrus fruits! The Timur berry grows in the Nepalese mountains, on small shrubs, from which the fruit is harvested. Once rid of its seeds to keep only the envelope: this is where the aroma is! Timut pepper goes perfectly with beef, duck, or pork, or as well as white fish. Our Timut Pepper is available in 30 g and 60 g glass bottles.

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