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  • Since 2016
German Design, Brewed in Suffolk.

Our award-winning German micro-brewery is based in Leiston, Suffolk.

Hand brewed in small batches to make a big impact. We follow the German purity law “Reinheitsgebot,” where the flavour comes from quality malted grains, hops, yeast, water and the carefully tailored brewing process. We produce 6 core beers all free of added sugars and chemicals, including traditional Wheat Beers, Koelsch and Altbier

We would like to introduce our founder Uli. While working out in Baghdad, he found himself in a city where the only available beers were canned & stored at temperatures above 40°C.

“Some like it hot - beer does not.”

With options for a quality pint in short supply, there was only one thing for it. Uli got “Krafty” and decided to brew his own. This is where the seed was sown for The Krafty Braumeister.

Fermenting in a hot desert climate looked almost impossible, but Uli was committed to this challenge, and through trial and error navigated his way through the complex problems presented.

After mastering brewing refreshing aromatic beers out in a hot desert climate, Uli retired from his post and in 2013 moved back to Suffolk to live with his wife Auriol. Uli went on to study historical German beer styles & professional brewing in the UK. Upon completion in 2018 he and Auriol launched The Krafty Braumeister, brewing traditional German-style beers for the UK market.

To this day Uli retains his passion for brewing high-quality beers, evidenced by the 7 awards the brewery has been decorated with. These include a much coveted Great Taste 3 Stars from the Guild of Fine Foods and a number of awards from the London Beer Competition.
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