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  • Since 1991
Located in the town of Saint-Romans in the department of Isère at the foot of the Vercors, our farm has been passed down from father to son for 5 generations. The production of walnuts has always been present and highlighted.
Today, my son and I perpetuate the production of walnuts in society under the name E.A.R.L Le Mas de la Girardière.

In 2014, we felt the need to enhance our production of walnuts, our objective being to offer our harvest directly to retailers and consumers.
Since 2020, following the installation of my son on the farm, this objective has been achieved: all of our production (about 60 tons of AOP Grenoble walnuts) is marketed throughout France.

Still in 2020, encouraged by this dynamic, we created our brand L'or du Dauphiné - Walnuts, kernels, oil - and decided to shape derivative products on our farm: Caramelized walnut kernels, caramelized walnut tarts.

Our clientele is very diverse: Grocery store, supermarket, bakery-pastry shop, chocolate maker, biscuit shop, individual, producer's market, wholesaler.

A brief word on the Grenoble walnut: The AOP Noix de Grenoble appellation (Protected Designation of Origin) was created in 1938. It extends over 3 departments: Isère, Drôme and Savoie and totals 259 municipalities. Only 3 varieties are registered in the AOP: Franquette, Parisienne and Mayette.
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