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  • Since 2018
Cocoripop is an artisanal and organic confectionery, which gives pride of place to gourmet seeds.
Such as pralines, gourmet popcorn, chocolate coatings, and an aperitif range.
A real confectioner's know-how, balanced recipes, noble ingredients without artificial coloring, without artificial flavoring, gluten-free and 100% organic.
A confectionery in tune with its time, healthy, pop and gourmet,...
Quality creations to satisfy your customers, fine gourmets.

"Discover crispy Popcorn, coated in caramel and available in several flavors. Unique recipes, made with passion, in our Workshop!"

"The seeds chosen for their taste qualities are thus roasted and caramelized in a copper cauldron to offer you a praline of excellence!"

"All our high-end chocolates are fair trade"

Excellent tasting,

Louise and Emmanuel - Creators of gourmet seeds-
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