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  • Location Montelimar, France
  • Since 1900
Instagram ankorstore_fr
SUPREM ’NOUGAT, G. Savin, is a serene and dynamic P.M.E., very rooted at the local level and proud to offer a high-end artisanal product such as the famous Montélimar nougat.

It is managed by Ghislaine SAVIN and her two children Romain and Julien MONTERO. They manage around 20 employees.

In ten years they have doubled the turnover of the company. Each year, they produce more than 120 tonnes of Montélimar nougat and calissons.

SUPREM'NOUGAT is present today among pastry chefs, confectioners, delicatessens and regional product stores.
It begins to enter the mass distribution market when the latter accepts the bet on quality.
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