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Pierrot Gourmand

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  • Since 1892
  • Distribution : Galeries Lafayette Gourmet Paris, La Grande Epicerie Paris Rive Droite / Rive Gauche, Magasins Monoprix, Magasins Délice Lamarque (14 points de vente) , B0 and Grace Casteljaloux (concept Store)
Since 1892, Pierrot Gourmand has remained faithful to the values that have made it famous: arouse greed, defend authenticity and true pleasures, but above all encourage young and old to take the time to dream, because it is so good to be in the moon...

Tasting a Pierrot Gourmand lollipop means opening an enchanted parenthesis in everyday life to let creativity express itself, appreciate and defend a new art of gluttony, authentic and responsible. With its natural wooden stick and its paper papillote, this emblem of gluttony affirms its commitments and delights gourmets of all generations.