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BCR Vinaigrette Gastronomique

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  • Location Avignon, France
  • Since 2017
CHEF'S TREASURE Chef Thierry Baucher Meilleur Ouvrier de France has invented the perfect gourmet vinaigrette. Ready to use, it is made up of 12 ingredients which, combined, act as a flavor enhancer that enhances the products that accompany it.
So you can use it "with all kinds of salads of course, but also on raw or cooked vegetables, fish, red or white meats, even cheeses, all without it taking over. This vinaigrette comes from a sweet recipe with character that requires to be shaken before use to ensure the mixture of ingredients and its aromas.It is produced and bottled near the City of the Popes in Avignon.This vinaigrette is rich in omega 3 with its olive, rapeseed and walnut oils, giving it in addition to its taste qualities, real assets for our health.
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