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  • Since 2013
  • Distribution Délices de L'oulibo , Comptoir Local, Locavorium
Small village vinegar makers in the 20th century gave way to a handful of industrialists. The production is standardized, the vinegar has lost in quality.

Granhota appeared in 2013 to give acclaim to French vinegar, a condiment of gastronomic tradition.

With Languedoc wines selected for their aromatic and organoleptic structure ideal for vinegar, Laurent Faure has created balsamic vinegars which follow the traditional Modena recipe, and wine vinegars flavored with fruit or spices, without any addition of coloring, preservative or sulfite.

The master vinegar maker works his wine vinegars according to the ancestral method, one that respects the product, nature and which should never have been abandoned.
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