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  • Since 2021
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Bahwai is the French brand designed by gourmet athletes! Treat yourself, we say yes! But not just anyhow, well yeah!

Imagine sodas and snacks that taste like your favorite products... without the additives and without the sugar. Would you love it? Us too, so we did it!

Gourmet products? Yes, but not only ! Our products are:
* Made in France

* 100% clean: our products are guaranteed GMO-free, pesticide-free, preservative-free, flavor-free and artificial coloring-free

* Suitable for all diets: our products are gluten-free, lactose-free, VEGAN, and low-fat or sugar-free

* manufactured with respect for the environment with partners who produce in an eco-responsible approach

Our customers love:
* Effective recipes designed with our sports nutritionists and nutrition experts
* Sugar-free and aspartame-free drinks, with only 1 calorie
* Many scents
* A taste, Hmmmm DELICIOUS!

Join the culinary revolution with Bahwai, Bah yeah!

ps: Follow us, new products arrive regularly!
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