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  • Since 2021
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Opposites. Far-reaching view and focus on the essentials. Anyone who has lived his life as a lateral-thinking entrepreneur creates new wines in the same way. Combine the impossible, go against the current, find challenges and accept them - and thus write completely new, small stories.

Life is inspired by encounters. Two sides meet and result in something third - a whole. The aim is to consciously bring about these encounters in terms of wine. Apparent opposites such as vision and tradition, entrepreneurial spirit and visionary winemaking, traditional craftsmanship and insatiable curiosity come together through this work.

The highest standards of taste experience and ecology. Focus on the vision, first the idea, then the grape varieties and the soil. Desire to explore – living all over the world. Curiosity about lateral thinkers, manufacturers and do-it-yourselfers - behind every drive there is a person, people treat each other with appreciation. The result: a creation with a personal touch.
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