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  • Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Since 2018
  • Distribution Academy foods UK, Vegan food service NL, Food Impuls NL
With this in our mind we as MAYONEURS have embarked a journey in which we believe that mayo can be a lot better and healthier. Thats why we choose to be plant based without using any animal products and rather invest in fruit, veggies & spices. We at MAYONEUR believe that plant based mayo can be a special experience and have a positive impact on the environment. By being different we want to ensure that there is less animal suffering and more investments in sustainable projects.MAYONEUR CREATES UNIQUE MOMENTS WITH MAYO, BECAUSE GOOD FOOD NEEDS GOOD MAYO
MAYONEUR makes impact on you and the environment. The inspiration comes from all around the world. Every flavor finds its heritage in a country where MAYONEUR got inspired by. We might be plant-based but it is a mayo for everyone. With the current seven flavors, and ever expanding collection of mayo's, there is something for everyone. The mayo has less fat than regular mayo, contains real veggies, fruits and spices.
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