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Langhans Suppenmanufaktur

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  • Since 2010
My name is Heiko Langhans and I am a passionate cook. I have worked in many restaurants, hotels and also on cruise ships. Before I started my own soup factory, I was the head chef in a restaurant that also had a delicatessen shop. There I tried many of the so-called gourmet ready-made soups and found that there was no product that one could enjoy with a clear conscience. By that I mean that the ready meals have a great taste and do not contain any additives. It was clear to me: I can do better.
My goal was to give finished products in the can a new image. After all, our grandparents processed and preserved the food they produced themselves. And there was no need for preservatives or flavor enhancers. I prepare my soups, stews and sauces the same way I cooked in the restaurant. The most important things are high quality, impeccable ingredients, experience and the right know-how. Ultimately, with my work, I am redefining a classic industrial product by manufacturing it again by hand. That sounds like a lot of work, but it is exactly what I stand for with my name.
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