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  • Since 2021
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At OSCO, the notions of conviviality, know-how and terroir are no longer reserved only for those who drink alcohol.
We work for aperitifs with character, with an intense and complex taste, for all those who want to have fun without a drop of alcohol!
Certified organic and made from viticultural know-how, OSCO is an alcohol-free aperitif produced in France that will take you on a journey to the South!
The ideal gift for alcohol-free cocktails that are easy to serve and very low in sugar!

☀️ 0.0% alcohol, 100% solar
🏅 Already two medals
🌱 ORGANIC and responsible
🇬🇧 Made in France
🍇 Made from wine-growing know-how

with a base of verjuice and a real aromatic proposition that can be used without as well as with alcohol. And French !"
— Gauthier, director of Madame Rêve bars, Hotel *****

Its balance and versatility allow it to revisit great classics... no more syrupy fruit juice cocktails, welcome OSCO!"
— Fabien, head bartender at Le Burgundy, Hotel *****
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Chr - osco l'original bio

Chr - osco l'original bio

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