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  • Since 2017
  • Distribution Sam´s Club (Walmart), Foodelicious, Supermercados Mas y Mas, Vino Vidro, Hagen Grote, Seven Eleven, Grupo Maroa, Venta Biok, Reserva Ibérica, Visual Trading Co. LTD, Shang hai Pa Lun Xi Si Trading co., LTD, Intermarché Flers, Yat Hing Trading, etc..
We are producers and distributors of exclusive beverages and premium products. Sinercus, the Brand Group has a professional team of 38 workers. Our staff is mostly made up of highly trained and qualified teams. We offer a range of carefully selected products produced in Spain. Our identity is based on Natural, Healthy, High quality and eco-friendly products. We offer a door-to-door service, always adapting to the needs and preferences of our clients. We focus on ensuring customer satisfaction by always supporting our customers and ensuring that our products reach end customers in perfect condition. Our clients are all over the world.
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