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  • Location Bruxelles, Belgique
  • Since 1905
1. Sweet Pipaillon (jams & honey)
Pipaillon jams have this magical power to revive childhood memories and awaken a healthy gluttony.
In rock version (with a touch of spice) or classic version (the fruit in all its splendor), each one is unique and will make your taste buds dance according to your desires.
Our pride? We work by hand with the best organic ingredients directly from our producer partners.
Pipaillon is happiness in a jar!
2. Pipaillon Salé (delicatessen)
In the Pipaillon family, I ask for the savory version: tapenades, chutneys and pickles, the essentials to make your taste buds dance from morning to night.
Our productions are seasonal, worked from the harvest. And when the season is less generous...we are patient until the following season! In the end, we let ourselves be guided by common sense, simplicity and our know-how to give birth to our rock-sounding marvels in a jar.
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