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  • Location Lyon, France
  • Since 2019
  • Distribution Biocoop, La Vie Claire, Delidrinks, TOTEM, Delicorner, Cojean, JOUR, ...
Algo develops and markets gourmet and nutritious seaweed products in snacking and practical formats!

Our mission is to democratize the daily consumption of algae for its excellent nutritional properties, officially recognized by the WHO; All across several categories in order to offer our products at different times of the day either with very functional products like bars or with more "classic" products like chips.

All their products are ORGANIC, Vegan, Gluten-free, no junk food (added sugars, preservatives, dyes, etc.) and above all 100% made in France, very important to us!

The algae are 100% French (excluding klamath) and ORGANIC. The Klamath comes from the only lake in the world which naturally produces this alga with an extraordinary nutritional richness, its name is the Upper-Klamath located in Orego in the USA.
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