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Sÿba | Glaces végétales

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  • Location Avignon, France
  • Since 2019
"Sÿba is a 100% vegetable brand, which is committed to positive and benevolent consumption. Ice creams & sorbets made in Avignon in the heart of Provence by two taste enthusiasts. E-free, they contain no additives: a formulation innovative, source of fiber and free of refined sugars, resulting in completely new recipes that focus on the flavor of authenticity.

Each ingredient comes from sustainable agriculture, in a short circuit, to enhance the French agricultural heritage: the fruits and aromatic herbs are cultivated in the Rhône Valley, the almond is from Provence, the hazelnut from Lot et Garonne, the fleur d 'orange tree of the Maritime Alps etc. Everything is done in an artisanal way, including the vegetable bases from oilseeds or cereals.

The snacking range is available in a gourmet 112ml jar with a wooden spoon. Turnkey and nomadic, bold and generous creations: ice creams are combined with a coulis and / or a crunch for maximum indulgence, full fruit sorbets are intense!

To taste Sÿba ice cream is to have an appetite to protect biodiversity, to be part of a virtuous circle and not to compromise on the pleasure of eating
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