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  • Location Normandie, France
  • Since 2018
It all started on a day when the weather was sad and rainy and my morale was low ...
That day, I therefore decided to concoct my grandmother's lemonade from Constantine and… “a ray of sunshine entered me! "
Mimouna was born! Mimouna means "Luck is with you!" "
And I had a crazy idea ...... "Bring the sun in our hearts !!! "
I was ready to share the lemonade of my childhood!
The MIMOUNA Lemonade with mint is a refreshing drink, based on quality ingredients from an organic production, based on lemon and mint, sugar and a zest of sunshine in the hearts. It is made up of no preservatives, no aromas, and no colors. Made in Normandy and in an artisanal way, Mimouna is an artisan culinary college producer in France.
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