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  • Location Paris, France
  • Since 2019
At Lissip, we believe there is more to syrups than grenadine, peach or mint.
We also believe that the aromas, even natural ones, do not restore the true taste of the fruit.
This is why Lissip is reinventing syrups with the aim of putting naturalness back at the heart of recipes inspired by gastronomy.

Lissip imagines and dares daring combinations of flavors imagined from fruits, vegetables, spices and aromatic herbs. No mundane flavors!

Handcrafted by us, they are flavor-free (neither artificial nor natural), without preservatives or coloring: 100% natural, made only from raw raw materials and with a reduced sugar content.

Developed with respect for traditional know-how, each syrup is brewed by hand, cooking slowly and at low temperature to preserve the aromatic power of the ingredients.

Lissip received the Gold Medal at the Trophée des Epicures 2020! (and also the Silver Medal for the Packaging Prize)

In each order: flyers with ideas for cooking recipes and cocktails to distribute to your customers

For any 1st order: samples to give your customers a taste
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