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  • Location Saint-Malo, France
  • Since 2012
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French Elixir will make you explore new flavors. With us, you will discover, taste, amazing cocktails and drinks.

We are based in Saint-Malo in the heart of intramural, come and discover our aperitifs, our arranged rums and our liqueurs.

We are committed to offering you the best of ourselves through artisanal, traditional production and working with natural and quality products, as well as sourcing our raw materials in France.
Our main ingredient remains passion!

Treasure hunter, we open our chest of wonders: products that are both innovative and original.
Each product has its own personality and a story, which we want to tell you about:

Innovation and Originality in your glass:

Foam is a surprising drink whose foam is drunk before it falls. We leave aside the déjà vu, the already drunk, by giving you a wave of originality and freshness.

Our Spiced Jack rums are made with agricultural rum from Martinique, the spices are macerated in a 70% raw column rum, then we distill everything in our copper still.
We then proceed to a 7-month finish in Sauternes, Cognac and Pineau des Charentes oak barrels.

Our gourmet and natural liqueurs: Caramel with fleur de sel from Guérande and chocolate with vanilla from Madagascar.
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