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  • Since 2005
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Dukan is not a brand like the others, it was created by a doctor, first for his overweight or diabetic patients and then over the years for all those who want to protect their dietary health.

This doctor is me, Pierre Dukan and those who want to protect their health are you or your clients.

Through my long experience in the field, I have found that there is only one door to enter overweight or diabetes and all the diseases of civilization that result from it, it is the door of transformed carbohydrates in which white sugar and white flour are the most harmful ingredients over time.

So I decided to take action, enter the food industry and create snack products, cookies, bars, breakfast nuggets WITHOUT SUGAR AND WITHOUT FLOUR, creating the famous label NISUFA who attests to it.

My same experience as a nutritionist has shown me that overweight people or diabetics are greedy and need to put something sweet and tasty in the mouth to buffer the vagaries of life. So, with my team, we married food safety with the richness of our products in the mouth, their flavor, their sweetness, their crunchiness and then their fondant. We regularly organize competitions where our products are tested "double blind" against products of pure delicacy and I dare not tell you which legendary brand of spread has been dethroned by ours.

Today, our gourmet friends at risk can find products here that are as tasty as they are healthy. And if you want proof, I'll give it to you: we are the brand with the highest number of Nutriscore A in Europe, more than 60.

Dr Pierre Dukan
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