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  • Since 2007
EGIATEGIA is the pioneer of underwater winemaking, the first Winereef established in 2008. Cradled by swells and tidal currents, the submerged cellar is located at the deepest point of the bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Protected by the Artha dyke, 15 meters deep, it resists furious winter storms and long west and north swells. Since 2008, EGIATEGIA has set up this underwater winery. A discreet world first that can be visited in palms and bottles.

We have two ranges of immersed wines:

ARTHA which comes entirely from underwater vinification.
This patented method gives the wine very special aromas, which we are not used to finding in the world of wine. In addition, we have decided not to filter this range and to keep the carbon dioxide from the second alcoholic fermentation so that it protects the wine from oxidation (we do not add sulphite).

DENA DELA which is a blend of the same wine, part of which is vinified under water for 4 months and the other remained on land during this same period. Filtered, but not sulphited, this range is very slightly beading. It is this range that I would like to present to you.

We are also in an ecological approach and very committed to the protection of the ocean. For example, we recycle our tanks into canoes and share it with associations that are committed to raising awareness among children and adults about the importance of the ocean. The program Thalassa put us forward during a nice report on this subject.
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