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Les Cocottes de Clarisse

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  • Since 2015
After making fresh soup every evening to the inhabitants of her village, at the gates of Aix en Provence, Clarisse decides to offer her recipes in bottles. Made from organic vegetables from Provence, picked when ripe, they taste like homemade soups. Sterilized in three minutes, they do not lose their taste qualities while being able to keep dry for 36 months,
They contain no additives, no preservatives, no added sugar, no gluten
We obtain a very nice product with an interesting density to be able to eat them very thick, while being able to dilute it if necessary to make three plates. This is why I am on a 50 cl container
Finally, four of them switch on sunny days to the Cold Soups class, to be enjoyed in verrines, on a picnic or at the office ...
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