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  • Since 2012
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We recover, converting them to organic farming, centuries-old olive groves of the Itrana cultivar, at risk of abandonment, on terraced land, in the high hills, in the most inaccessible territories of the PDO Colline Pontine, in lower Lazio, 80 km south of Rome. The roughness of the land obliges us to carry out all the cultivation activities manually.
We manage the olive groves with conservative agronomic techniques that generate a positive environmental impact. Our 1,200 centuries-old olive trees seize at least 6.2 tons of carbon dioxide every year, more than that which is generated during all stages of oil production.
The difficulties in cultivating our olive groves at high altitudes and on steeply sloping land are compensated for by the exceptional quality of the oil which has a higher concentration of total polyphenols, higher levels of oleic acid and greater oxidation stability.
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