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Conserveries des Sept Collines

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  • Since 2019
  • Distribution Hôtel Brighton, Epicerie Madame, Legrand Filles et Fils, Les vins vivants
Epicures d'Or 2020, Epicures d'Argent 2022
Member of the Culinary College of France

We offer a range of simple and tasty recipes canned under glass.
Our asset, a lively, joyful, sparkling cuisine and recipes that never stray far from the original taste of the products.
The spreads, sauces and fruit butters of the Conserveries des Sept Collines are all made in our professional kitchen in Paris, in an artisanal way, from fresh and seasonal products.
We favor short circuits and have created original and tasty recipes for all tastes.
Some of the products we use have the organic label (AB) and we are working on their certification as processors.
We have obtained the "Made in Paris" label, awarded by the City and are members of the "Produit en Ile-de-France" brand.
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