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  • Location Bordeaux, France
  • Since 2018
  • Distribution Biocoop, Magasins spécialisés bio, La Grande épicerie de Paris, Printemps du goût, Maison Plisson, Epiceries Fines, Fromageries, Cavistes
Finally a truly eco-responsible crackers! Our mission: to advocate better, smarter and more responsible food, in particular through an unprecedented upcycling and culinary enhancement of by-products. Concretely, we collect and give new life to two of them (brewer's cereals from the manufacture of beer as well as the apple pomace from the manufacture of cider); then we combine them with other noble ingredients, carefully selected, to make delicious crackers. 100% ORGANIC. Gourmets. eco-responsible. Nutriscore B. With 75% French ingredients. Handcrafted and lovingly made in the South West.
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