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  • Since 2020

Óuliva offers you a selection of grand cru seasoning olive oil, carefully chosen from certified organic producers located in France.

Each of our cuvées comes from a single producer and a single harvest, to preserve the aromatic intensity of the terroir and the vintage!

Óuliva means "the olive harvest" in Provençal.
It is therefore in honor of the work of olive growers that we have chosen our name.

With our three organic cuvées:
La Spontanee - Green Olive Cuvée
La Délicate - Cuvée Olive Ripe
La Généreuse - Black Olive Cuvée - Matured olives.
We invite you to rediscover the excellence and richness of the flavors of exceptional French olive oils.


Olive oil is more than just an ingredient for us, it's a real way of life.

• Short Circuit.
All oils come directly from olive trees and 100% French mills.

• Transparency.
As for any grand cru, we indicate on each bottle the fruitiness (Green/Mur/Black), the domain as well as the year of harvest.

• Environmentally friendly.
Our olive growers work in circular agriculture. All olive residues resulting from the production of olive oil are redistributed to the trees in the form of natural fertilizer.

• Health.
High quality olive oil is also excellent for your health: rich in unsaturated and monounsaturated fats, vitamin E & K, omega9, antioxidants and polyphenols.
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